Monday, July 15, 2013

Joining the Party

So everywhere I read I see all these linky parties.  With help from my new friend Theresa from Pinkadots, I was able to create my own button. Yay! Now I am all ready to link up!  My first party will be with Tara at Fourth Grade Frolics.

Monday Made It #1

I think first and fore most I need to say that my most exciting made it was my blog!  It is only a week old and somehow I was nominated for an award (Thank you so much Mandy from The Fourth Grade Journey).  HOWEVER, I am thinking that it it would not be fair to all the other nominees to except this award.  I just started and feel like I have so much to still learn.  I will think on this tonight and decide tomorrow whether to graciously decline or just grab it up and fake it until I make it.  What would you do?

Monday Made It #2

I made my first button!  Its not anything super technical with all the scrappy bling, but its my first attempt and I just love it!

Monday Made It #3

I have worked all last week and the weekend in my classroom.  I have made an unbelievable mess, but that wasn't hard with what I had started with.  Does making a mess count as a made it?  Oh, probably not.  This is what I started with:

None of this furniture was staying in my room...AHHHH!

Yesterday I posted about all my shopping and plans.  I neglected to take a few before pictures but I have some in the process pictures.

This was taken in the same place as the above picture.  Tables! Yay!!!!  I also got some paper up on the back wall (so much better than the 5 year old yellow paper that was there).

Here is one of my sons, Andrew, helping me paint!

This was a ridiculously old bookshelf that looked like it was going to fall apart.  Some new nails and a couple coats of black paint, and viola! This thing is 9 feet long and waist high.  i have really cute bins in blue, green and pink to put in when it is all dry.  Its going to look FAB-U-LOUS!

This wall was completely blank.  BUT, I found these jigsaw cork boards at the Daiso (Japan's Wal-mart/ Big Lots/ Hobby Lobby).  I created two amazing bulletin board spaces for my ELA and Math Focus walls.  Just wait until I paper them and slap on some borders.

This is the back wall above the built in cabinets. You can still see the 25 headsets that were left behind when the computers were taken out of the room.  I decided that I am not fond of the black bulletin board with blue trim.  I have ordered super cute border that should be here next week.  Some times it is tough to live where there are no teacher stores. But at least I have Daiso Stores, 100 Yen Stores (Our Dollar Tree) and Makeman Stores (Like a Wal-mart/Home Depot Combo).

This is the start of my teacher area. Notice the candy jars.  I am such a candy-aholic (its a serious condition, I tell you)!

I am still working on a few more things in my room that I just love!  I cannot wait until I can have a big reveal! Writing this blog, I just realized I need to join some kind of amazing find linky party.  After all, I don't think many people can show off how OCD the Japanese are with their organization containers.  Its awesome!!!  I will take a trip to all my favorite stores.

Thanks for visiting my first link up!  I hope to catch up with you on another link up!  Feel free to follow my blog or leave a comment!  I love to make new friends and have more than a little obsession with reading blogs!

Happy Monday All!


  1. I think your new room looks great! I'm excited to find your blog and to touch base with a teacher overseas. I also teach 4th grade. Stop by some time!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  2. Hi! I just found you via the linky. :) Welcome to BlogWorld. I am adding you to my Bloglovin list. I am painting an old bookshelf black today in my classroom too! :) Great minds think alike.
    Creating Lifelong Learners
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  3. Good morning! Just found your blog via the linky too! Excited to have you join the blogging world! Just added you to my Bloglovin' list. I am loving your bulletin board colors! :)

    The Sweetest Thing
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    1. Wait - I don't see you on Blogloving! Is your account set up there?

    2. It Is! Not sure why it is not popping up. Use this:
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  4. You were such a busy bee! You made so much progress in your classroom. I can't wait to see the finished product. Love your class colors!


  5. Your room and blog are great- keep up the good work!

  6. You've been a busy girl. Welcome to the blogging community!

    Read With Me ABC

  7. Accept the award!

    Love the bulletin boards and your new button!


  8. You did a great job setting up your blog and your button. I can see you are making a lot of progress in your room too. BTW, I'm jealous of your exotic staycation. Georgia is nice but nothing like there.

    I'm glad to find another fourth grade blog (especially in such a cool locale)

    room 4 imagination

  9. Accept the award. I can tell you are destined for Blog greatness :) I can't wait to see the finsihed product!

  10. Love the colors(those are my colors too)!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  11. I like how your room is looking so far! I wish I could get in to work on my room. :/

    My blog: Building a House of Love